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I just made the two largest agencies of a continental African bank at #Plateau in Abidjan (#CIV). Buildings of more than 5 or 10 floors, which reflect the power of the Bank.

All cash dispensers were out of order, not stocked, or with messages understandable only by the Bank’s IT specialists. And nobody could tell me why. If not the excuse, for all, in Africa: “It’s the Network!”

He has good back the Network!

Almost a dozen #ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), which do not display “Out of order”, but can not leave the least CFA money a Friday morning.

And it’s not the only banking network. I could have had the same case for other big banks of the place. At least, this African bank has the merit of multiplying the wickets by site. Western banks are in the economy – they say rationalization – (even in the air conditioning of ATMs).

Even if 0 CFA x 10 Empty ATM = 0 CFA

More seriously, we are all talking about Digital, which today has become like the Holy Grail. With all this digital, and all their internal computer skills, banks are unable to get us an application that allows us to see the nearest windows that # function?

Not only an app that visualizes their different agencies (that’s easy) but an app that gives us information on the OPERATIONAL counters, with the possibility (for the Bank) to anticipate, realistically, the supply and ATM flows.

An app with a predictive system that mimics #IA #MachineLearning #BigData and #IoT

Is this something possible?

Yes it’s possible. #YesWeCan

An SAP solution like #Leonardo is quite suitable for this kind of “targets”.

SAP Leonardo is a digital innovation system with access to all these emerging technologies such as:

Big Data to integrate ATM supply flows, take into account events (Tabaski, National Day, Long Weekend, etc …), the location of the ATM (popular area or not, area of intense economic activities or not ), and many other events that I have no idea right now. #BigData

The Machine Learning to be in continuous improvement, to reduce the technical stops, to propose efficient niches of supplies, etc … #MachineLearning

The Internet of Things to have a dynamic mapping of operational windows and why not, manage and improve maintenance, communicate to users. Simply have wickets connected. #IoT

And finally, the Blockchain to prepare the ATM of the future with optimal security. Even if on this last point I am not the expert. #Blockchain

Make Digital Transformation no longer a wishful thinking

SAP, which is no longer just the “ERP Master” ERP that everyone knows, offers businesses, including banks, new technologies that make Digital Transformation no longer a wishful wish. users.

My Dear Bankers Friends,

You could not say anymore that “Oh, I didn’t know (it was possible)! “. SAP Leonardo is the innovative solution that will improve ATM networks for a Smart African Bank. It’s up to you to decide if #TomorrowIsAlreadyHere.

PS: Contact us for a demo.

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